[erlang-questions] framework for building interface

Wes James <>
Fri Oct 30 20:00:03 CET 2015

With my esysman app ( https://github.com/comptekki/esysman ) I use manual
piecing of erlang binary/text chunks in the cowboy application that uses a
.hrl for config info to building the interface.

Anyone know of an erlang framework that would help in building web pages
where rooms (one tab on the page then several other tabs for the other
rooms) could be accessed with a click on a tabbed menu at the top and each
room has computers laid out on the screen.  Right now, like I said, I'm
doing that in loops inside the cowboy app.  I'd like cowboy to serve the
interface, but some other framework to help build the interface, since I'm
not that great at the html5 stuff.  Would nitrogen work?  html5 framework
for erlang - I guess you'd call it??


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