[erlang-questions] What would it take for erlang to power something like lichess dot org

vishal joshi <>
Tue Oct 20 02:34:38 CEST 2015

What storage engine we would use if I was powering it via erlang?  Would the dev costs be lower? Would the OPEX be lower? 
github dot com / ornicar / lila
-------------------------It's a free online chess game focused on realtime and ease of useIt has a search engine, computer analysis, tournaments, simuls, forums, teams, tactic trainer, opening trainer, a mobile app, a monitoring console, and a network world map. The UI is available in 80 languages thanks to the community.Lichess is written in Scala 2.11, and relies on Play 2.3 for the routing, templating, and JSON. Pure chess logic is contained in scalachess submodule. The codebase is fully asynchronous, making heavy use of Scala Futures and Akka 2 actors. Lichess talks to Stockfish deployed in an AI cluster of donated servers. It uses MongoDB 2.6 to store more than 68 million games, which are indexed byelasticsearch. HTTP requests and websocket connections are proxied by nginx 1.6. Client-side is written in mithril.js. The blog uses a free open content plan from prismic.io.Join us on #lichess IRC channel on freenode for more info. Use github issues for bug reports and feature requests.----------------------

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| ornicar/lilalila - The forever free, adless and open source chess server. |
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