[erlang-questions] investigating memory issues

Caragea Silviu <>
Fri Oct 16 21:34:09 CEST 2015


I have an erlang application which is reading jobs from a gearman queue and
call some HTTP url's (send's notifications over http).
Beside this also saves some states in a redis/mysql database.
Everything performs very nice excepting the fact that memory is increasing
like crazy and get never released.

The project is using the following deps:

1. Lager
2. hackeny - for the HTTP requests
3. econfig
4. folsom
5. emysql
6. mero
7. jsonx
8. tempo
9. erlang_gearman

When I start the app it's starting with several hundred of MB but in 20
days is going to over 1.5 GB and still increasing if I don't restart the

    allocated -> shows at this moment 1454477752
    used -> 1351474280

>From what I see 95 % of memory is on the binary_alloc. Fragmentation for
this allocator is looking like:



I also tried to run the GC over all processes but nothing changing :(

erlang:memory(total). => 1350813872

[erlang:garbage_collect(Pid) || Pid <- processes()].

erlang:memory(total). => 1347613584

I have no idea on how to identify where all this memory goes.. The sum of
all processes as displayed by Observer app in the Process tab is

Any advice ?

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