[erlang-questions] Mnesia

Magnus Henoch <>
Wed Oct 14 14:02:42 CEST 2015

"Lloyd R. Prentice" <> writes:

> Hi Craig,
> Among the most wise things I've heard on the topic so far.
> How can we get a crisp summary of your points and implications 
> of Martin's negatives high up in the official mnesia docs. (I 
> really don't know the process.) Would have saved me many hours 
> of uncertainty.

The process for adding something to the documentation is 
submitting a pull request to the erlang/otp repository on Github. 
The Mnesia documentation is in the lib/mnesia/doc/src directory.

You could either clone the repository, edit the documentation in 
your favourite text editor, commit and push your changes, and open 
a pull request from your branch, or you could edit the 
documentation through the Github web interface and submit the pull 
request from there.  Perhaps the Mnesia overview page would be a 
good place for this:


Click the pen icon near the top to start editing.


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