[erlang-questions] distributed gproc and gen_leader

Josh Adams <>
Mon Oct 5 21:20:01 CEST 2015

I'm interested in using gproc in distributed mode, and it's not
immediately clear to me what the 'right' gen_leader implementation to
use is.  Right now I'm using Torben Hoffman's, but I was hopeful there
would be a nice document someone has written up regarding pros/cons of
various implementations, ideally with a suggestion for which to use in
the general case.

Is anyone aware of such a document?  Failing that, can anyone share
anecdotes regarding how I might choose a gen_leader implementation, or
whether or not distributed gproc is something I should base a
distributed system around?  Really just using it for global process
registry, and also taking advantage of the properties to provide a
simple ad-hoc 'database query' style for finding processes that are
fit for various purposes within the system.

Thanks in advance,

Josh Adams

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