[erlang-questions] Compiling Elixir with HiPE fails in buggy-seeming ways

Josh Adams josh.rubyist@REDACTED
Fri Jul 31 02:03:09 CEST 2015

So I've recently compiled Elixir using HiPE (because otherwise, I failed to
get any performance benefit from compiling my elixir project itself with
HiPE, due to context-switches to BEAM modules when using the Elixir
standard library).  I can work through it by fiddling a bit, but I thought
it probably indicates a bug in HiPE.  Can someone help me confirm this and
tell me where / how I should best report the bug, if it's confirmed?

I recorded my attempts in this gist:

If I do the following in Elixir, it will succeed (but even here, it fails
if I use o3, which I documented here:

For what it's worth, Jose confirmed my suspicions that this was a bug on
twitter here: https://twitter.com/josevalim/status/626469188031377408

Anyway, I didn't think it would be good-citizenish of me to fail to report
this, even though I have no concept of how to fix it.  Thanks in advance
for any help pointing me to the best place to report it!

Josh Adams
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