[erlang-questions] [ANN] inet64_tcp: make the old stuff work in IPv6-only networks

Danil Zagoskin z@REDACTED
Thu Jul 30 17:33:30 CEST 2015


If you need to run random TCP applications in IPv6-only network you usually
have to add inet6  option to the gen_tcp:connect or gen_tcp:listen call.
This has some drawbacks:
  * If you edit a third-party code (e.g. database driver), you have to fork
the entire project
  * You have to apply this fix to many places.
  * Simple fix breaks IPv4-only connectivity

With inet64_tcp you can just add a dependency for your application, and
this gen_tcp backend will automatically discover IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
for a given hostname on connect.

Also listening with default options will listen IPv6 too.

Danil Zagoskin | z@REDACTED
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