[erlang-questions] telephony

Kukosa Tomáš Tomas.Kukosa@REDACTED
Thu Jul 30 09:34:49 CEST 2015

On 30.7.2015 0:39, James Aimonetti wrote:
>> Hi List, Is there any open source application out there that
>> provides an Erlanginterface for programming a voip router?  Or is
>> it the asterisk ecosystem(for instance with Erlang using AGI) that
>> comes the closest to theoriginal mission? S.

> FreeSWITCH has two modules, mod_erlang_event and mod_kazoo, which
> present FreeSWITCH as a C-Node to other Erlang VMs. We built and use
> mod_kazoo for Kazoo, but it is generic in purpose; I know several
> folks using mod_erlang_event in production as well. Different use
> cases for each.

Is there any simple description of difference between mod_kazoo and 
mod_erlang_event together with hints which use cases they are good for?

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