[erlang-questions] erl_tar limitation or a bug?

Alex Shneyderman a.shneyderman@REDACTED
Sat Jul 25 15:29:26 CEST 2015

This is form the erl_tar docs:

"For maximum compatibility, it is safe to archive files with names up
to 100 characters in length. Such tar files can generally be extracted
by any tar program.

If filenames exceed 100 characters in length, the resulting tar file
can only be correctly extracted by a POSIX-compatible tar program
(such as Solaris tar), not by GNU tar.

File have longer names than 256 bytes cannot be stored at all.

The filename of the file a symbolic link points is always limited to
100 characters."

It is not clear to me from this description if erl_tar should be able
to produce tar files that include file names longer than 100 chars
long and shorter than 256?

>From my experiments I know such files are not possible to add to tars
with erl_tar. There is a problem with this setting.


that leads to an exception when call to split_filename(...) ->
filenme:join([]) being made.

So, the question I have is this an error in the docs or is this an
error in code (the fix is to change that setting to 256, I think)?


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