[erlang-questions] Fwd: Automated Testing Tools in Erlang

Cláudio Amaral coa@REDACTED
Tue Jul 14 10:21:39 CEST 2015

Hello all!

We all know and love tools like eunit, quickcheck or proper, but there are
more types of tools around that do different kinds of tests.

I work at a place where I now have the opportunity to shift the
technologies used on test automation and I would eventually like to have
quickcheck/proper style of tests on our application models.

Just doing it is a tough sell on my environment due to the time it may
require to get things going (not many erlangers here, but enough to start
making things happen, I guess).

I thought it could be possible to build my way towards that and have all my
automated test needs in Erlang. This way it would be easier to get people
started with it.

For this I need your help in finding such tools for BDD style tests and
performance tests. I found references to cucumber implementations (which
would be most interesting) but I find no tutorials or active developments
(latest thing I found was from 3 years ago). I will continue to search, but
I am sure you guys will show me a very cool set of resources to explore.

Cláudio Amaral
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