[erlang-questions] reason of core dump (core.xxxx)

John Doe donpedrothird@REDACTED
Mon Jul 13 15:01:46 CEST 2015

One of my clients got a crash of erlang vm. The app has been running on
this vps for several months with no problems, and still works after
restart. It's not erl-crash.dump but a classic linux core dump (core.xxxx
file 600Mb size). The load was quite heavy all the time, about 25M hits/day
on a cheap VPS with 2Gb RAM, web app. The app has no nifs and anything like
this, its pure erlang, including all deps. The only difference between
standard erlang installation is that the crypto was built with static
openssl. Both the app and the erlang VM were built on different machine
though. R16B03 x64.

What could be the reason of such crash without generating erl-crash.dump?
Could it be because of VM run out of memory? Any other possible reasons of
erlang vm crashing?
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