[erlang-questions] [ANN] NkBASE released

Carlos González Florido carlosj.gf@REDACTED
Mon Feb 23 19:24:12 CET 2015

Hello Erlangers,

I'm very happy to announce that we have released the first version of
NkBASE, a distributed, highly available key-value database designed to be
integrated into riak_core based Erlang applications. NkBASE is one of the
core pieces of the upcoming Nekso's Software Defined Data Center Platform,

NkBASE has some interesting features:

   - Highly available, allowing read and write operations even in case of
   node failures.
   - Operation friendly. Nodes can be added and removed on the fly.
   - Scalable from three to hundreds of nodes.
   - Disk (leveldb) and memory (ets) backends.
   - Three simultaneous operation modes:
   - Eventually consistent mode using Dotted Version Vectors.
      - Strong consistent mode based on using riak_ensemble's multi-paxos.
      - Easy to use, self-convergent CRDTs called dmaps.
   - Multiple, auto-generated secondary indices, usable in the three modes.
   - Can use any Erlang term as domain, class, key, value, index or index
   - Simple, easy to use, utf8 and latin-1 aware query language for
   secondary indices.
   - Full support for auto-expiration of objects, with configurable

NkBASE has a clean code base, and can be used as a starting point to learn
how to build a distributed Erlang system on top of riak_core, or to test
new backends or replication mechanisms.

NkBASE heavily relies on the impressive riak_core, riak_dt and
riak_ensemble from Basho.

Try it at https://github.com/Nekso/nkbase. Comments are very welcomed!

Carlos Gonzalez
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