[erlang-questions] your first choice?

Fri Feb 20 14:39:05 CET 2015

>> yaws or mochiweb?
>> mnesia or mongoDB?
>> chicago boss or ...?
>> XML or JSon?
>> intellij idea or eclipse?
>> and before i buy a server, Win or Linux or ...?
> If I had freedom of choice and problem notwithstanding:
> Webmachine or Cowboy for the web server. Proper RESTful approaches are too
> good to leave up.

if it is "Webmachine or Cowboy?"
then, no doubt, Cowboy.

i was using both, and it is clear to me that webmachine loses every 

> Postgresql for smaller databases (up to 5-10 terabytes in size roughly).
> After that, it depends on the CAP theorem and if you lean CP or AP. For the
> latter, Riak.

Postgresql is an application server in its own right,
Erlang renders Postgres useless -- Postgres renders Erlang useless.
Doing Erlang+Postgres is like doing the same job twice.

> Never pick a "framework", since they always limit you in the long run.

I couldn't agree more!!!
there is no room for a "frameworks" in a well designed system, using 
appropriate tools.

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