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Robert Virding rvirding@REDACTED
Thu Feb 19 22:13:54 CET 2015

An historical perspective: over the years there have been a number of
attempts to add more traditional OO and classes to Erlang, and while many
have worked they were never very long-lived. I think that that style of
programming just doesn't fit well together with Erlang. There are a number
of languages which mix functional and OO, for example scala, but personally
I am sceptical to that. To really reap the benefits of functional
programming you have to know, I mean really KNOW, that it won't be
compromised somewhere else so that you can trust. If you can't trust it
then what's the point, I might as while write C in a functional style.

The bigger and more complex and more long-lived your application becomes
the more important this is. It mightn't always feel the best but in the
long-run and when things scale the better it becomes. And, yes of course,
you can have programming rules but I also know that breaking a rule this
little one time isn't going hurt anyone. Etc.


On 19 February 2015 at 16:06, Imants Cekusins <imantc@REDACTED> wrote:

> another thought:
> let's take JavaScript.
> Originally it was designed to be be used in certain ways. And what
> people are doing with Javascript now? Various frameworks. Run it on
> server, create classes, call plain vanilla funs, MVVM, templates. It
> looks like Javascript, but is not vanilla Js anymore..
> So we add a class flavour to otp. Big deal. It's still Erlang OTP.
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