[erlang-questions] your first choice?

Peter J Etheridge petergi@REDACTED
Mon Feb 16 06:06:45 CET 2015

dear erlangers,
with my plan to build a web app (a yapp was what i had in mind) i have
been studying tools.
there seems to be general agreement on rebar. but which should i
choose;yaws or mochiweb?mnesia or mongoDB?chicago boss or ...?XML or
JSon?intellij idea or eclipse?and before i buy a server, Win or Linux
or ...? while whatever i study seems ok, it is all taking a lot of
time and keeping me from coding in erlang.there is some good info on
the web, but i value your opinions more.understanding you will be
required to maintain your app, if you were starting from scratch,
which choice would you make first?appreciative thanks,peter
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