[erlang-questions] new user want to encode & decode h248 protocol

曾杰 zengjiestc@REDACTED
Sat Feb 14 19:35:50 CET 2015


I'm new user of erlang, I want to encode & decode h248 packets captured
from network. I want to use open source h248 protocol stack to complete
this work. Use google, I found erlang/otp can do this, but my program
experience is c++, so I have to learn erlang for this problem. In erlang's
megaco document, the example is about how to implement mg/mgc, but I need
not to implement mg/mgc, I only need encode & decode h248 protocol, and
recover the calling procedure in human readable format.

My problem is: how to use erlang's lib to encode & decode h248 packets
captured from network ( use tcpdump), and recover the calling procedure?
Please give me some hints about this ( as simple as possible, because I
have learned erlang only one day ).

Thank you very much!
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