[erlang-questions] [ANN] TryErl: run Erlang code online

Сергей Прохоров seriy.pr@REDACTED
Wed Feb 11 13:24:40 CET 2015

I'm glad to announce a service, which allow to run arbitrary Erlang code
from your browser. For now it is there:


How it works
Each request is handled by Cowboy web server, which launches new Erlang VM
instance per request inside lightweight linux container, based on
https://github.com/thestinger/playpen. There are restrictions on
networking, memory and execution time, but nothing else.

What does it have
As you already heard, there is erlang code evaluation, but also compilation
to several intermediate formats, like core erlang, macros expanding, beam
and erlang assemblers and so on. And all this can be launched under any
erlang release version (for now it's only the latter 8, but I can add more
by demand).
Of course, there is 'pastebin' functionality, so you can save and share
snippet with somebody else.

Possible use-cases:
* Explore code compatibility with all Erlang releases
* Share runnable erlang snippet with somebody
* Try to launch some dangerous code
* Quickly explore how your code is compiled to erlang asm instructions
* Maybe, for some online studying / webinars. Students are don't even need
to install erlang on their computers
* In blog posts / articles / documentation - to make code snippets more

Idea was borrowed from https://play.rust-lang.org/.

P.S.: it will be great, if you suggest some funny / interesting code
snippets for «Examples» section.
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