[erlang-questions] concentate solution well ??

Richard A. O'Keefe ok@REDACTED
Mon Feb 2 03:14:19 CET 2015

On 2/02/2015, at 12:08 am, Roelof Wobben <r.wobben@REDACTED> wrote:
> But there is one problem.
> The source is full of -spec and in programming erlang that is explained in chapter 18 where Im trying exercises of chapter 3.

So what?  IGNORE THOSE LINES for now.

Run, do not walk, to your web browser.
Enter this URL into the address box:

It seems to me that you need Bickerton's advice about how to
read even more urgently than you need a book about Erlang,
because Bickerton is telling HOW TO READ a book like that.

"Most students hit their heads on brick walls.  They're given a
text to read, and somewhere in Chapter 1 or 2 they bog down completely.
But they persevere, oh, do they persevere!"

That sounds a lot like you, to be honest.

When I am reading biology or bioinformatics books and papers,
if I stopped whenever I got stuck I'd be lost in paragraph 1
or paragraph 2 (never mind chapters!).  Only by following
Bickerton's advice do I get anywhere, and I *do* learn something.
It may not be what the author cared about, but every time,
I learn *something*.

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