[erlang-questions] [ANN] NkDOCKER released

Carlos González Florido carlosj.gf@REDACTED
Tue Apr 28 20:30:22 CEST 2015

Hello, list.

NkDOCKER is a new native, 100% Erlang Docker client, fully supporting the
Docker Remote API v1.18. Every single command and option in the standard
Docker client is available.

- Full v1.18 (Docker 1.6) API supported.
- It supports bidirectional attach.
- It can control any number of local or remote Docker daemons.
- Events, stdin/stdout/stderr attachs, logs, etc., are sent as Erlang
- It can reuse existing connections to speed up the message sending.
- It supports TCP and TLS transports. Unix socket transport is not
supported yet.

NkDOCKER needs Erlang >= 17, and it is tested on Linux and OSX (using
boot2docker). The minimum required Docker server version is 1.5 (Remote API
v1.17). It is part of the Nekso software suite, but can be used stand-alone.

Try it at https://github.com/Nekso/nkdocker. Comments are very welcomed!

Carlos Gonzalez
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