[erlang-questions] pre-installation smoke test failure in cpu_sup_SUITE

abstractwater abstractwater@REDACTED
Sun Apr 19 03:01:57 CEST 2015

I compiled OTP 17.5 on a Mac OS X 10.9.5 but i am getting an error in the pre-installation test suite, specifically in the cpu_sup_SUITE.

Here’s how i compiled it:

$ export ERL_TOP=`pwd` 
$ ./configure --with-ssl=/usr/lib --enable-builtin-zlib --enable-darwin-64bit
$ make
$ make release_tests
$ cd release/tests/test_server
$ $ERL_TOP/bin/erl -s ts install -s ts smoke_test batch -s init stop

I looked at the actual test source file but i couldn’t really understand the problem:

130    %% util()
131    ?line Util1 = cpu_sup:util(),
132    ?line true = is_number(Util1),
133    ?line true = Util1>0,   %% FAIL

I am new to Erlang to I may be missing something obvious. Any insight on what can i do to fix it?

Here’s the test log output:

=emulator_vsn  6.4
=emulator      beam
=otp_release   17
=started       2015-04-18 17:25:57
=case          cpu_sup_SUITE:init_per_suite
=logfile       cpu_sup_suite.init_per_suite.html
=started       2015-04-18 17:25:57
=ended         2015-04-18 17:25:57
=result        ok
=elapsed       0.002177
=case          cpu_sup_SUITE:load_api
=logfile       cpu_sup_suite.load_api.html
=started       2015-04-18 17:25:57
=ended         2015-04-18 17:25:57
=result        ok
=elapsed       0.066456
=case          cpu_sup_SUITE:util_api
=logfile       cpu_sup_suite.util_api.html
=started       2015-04-18 17:25:57
=ended         2015-04-18 17:25:57
=result        failed: {{badmatch,false},
     [{cpu_sup_SUITE, util_api, 133},
      {test_server, ts_tc, 1429},
      {test_server, run_test_case_eval1, 1026},
      {test_server, run_test_case_eval, 968}]

Thanks in advance!

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