[erlang-questions] try horse, got undefined parse transform error

Fisher jpsiyu@REDACTED
Thu Apr 9 09:28:24 CEST 2015

Hi, all!
I am trying horse:https://github.com/extend/horse
I got it in this folder: MyProject -> deps -> horse
I added this in my makefile like the website says:
    gitclone-n--https://github.com/extend/horse $(DEPS_DIR)/horse
    cd $(DEPS_DIR)/horse ; git checkout -q master
    $(MAKE) -C $(DEPS_DIR)/horse

perfs: ERLC_OPTS += -DPERF=1 +'{parse_transform, horse_autoexport}'
perfs: clean deps deps/horse app
    $(gen_verbose) erl -noshell -pa ebin deps/horse/ebin \
        -eval'horse:app_perf($(PROJECT)), init:stop().'
then i compile: make perfs
and i got this error:

src/test01.erl: undefined parse transform 'horse_autoexport'

i tried add {erl_opts, [{parse_transform, horse_autoexport}]} to my app file
or i add -compile([{parse_transform, horse_autoexport}]) to test01.erl module
but the error continue.

anyone can help? thanks!
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