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Bruce Yinhe community-manager@REDACTED
Tue Oct 28 15:15:11 CET 2014

To all Erlangers,

At Erlang Central we are committed to provide useful resources for
developers to improve their Erlang programming skills. The tutorial section
was launched particularly for this purpose. We are always working to
improve the quality of the tutorial section and increase the variety of
learning materials.

As time progressed, we have already around 150 wiki entries and more than
50 tutorials. Many of them were migrated from trapexit and cleaned up, with
more and more coming in every month. The more our users contribute to the
Erlang Central the better it will get and we greatly appreciate all the
contribution and feedback we have received from you. The tutorial section
is a wiki, everyone is welcome to update, improve and help maintain
existing tutorials. It is a great place to move your blog posts so that
they become easy to find.

Visit the Erlang Central tutorial section here:

We are looking for Erlang tutorials and examples of both beginner level and
intermediate level, particularly any blog posts, any topics on helpful
advice and tips, examples of how to build applications, alternative
approaches, interfacing Erlang, comparison of Erlang and other languages.

Best wishes,
Bruce Yinhe
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