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Bogdan Andu bog495@REDACTED
Tue Oct 28 10:50:31 CET 2014

Hi folks,

sorry for  my problem but I am stuck after
turning it on every facet.

I have an application server that processes xml structures
with the following listen parameters:

{ok, ListenSock} = ssl:listen(Port, [binary,
                                                       {packet, 0}, % app
specific packaging
                                                        {active, false},
                                                        {ip, IPv4},
                                                        {mode, binary},
                                                        {keyfile, Keyfile},

{fail_if_no_peer_cert, false},
                                                        {ssl_imp, new}

I have the following piece of code:

%% receiving part:
recv_frame_ssl(S, N, SslRecvTimeout) ->
        {ok, Header} = ssl:recv(S, 4, SslRecvTimeout),
        <<Length:32/big>> = Header,

        {ok, Data} = ssl:recv(S, Length - 4, SslRecvTimeout),
        <<Data1/binary>> = Data,

        {ok, binary_to_list(Data1)}.

%%and sending part - the problematic piece of code:
send_frame_ssl(Sock, Data) ->
        DataBin = unicode:characters_to_binary(Data),
        HeaderLen = erlang:size(DataBin) + 4,

        ssl:send(Sock, <<HeaderLen:32/big>>),
        ssl:send(Sock, <<DataBin/binary>>).

In R14B04 variable HeaderLen is encoded in network byte order correctly and
the client is able to extract the header and to read the rest of packet
which has (HeaderLen - 4) length in bytes.

In R15, R16 and R17 variable HeaderLen is no more encoded correctlty,
apparently, as the client receives a large value and is unable to extract
the correct length of the packet and hence, is not able to read the rest of
the packet which is xml payload.
For example, instead of receiving a HeaderLen with value 390 the client
receives a HeaderLen with value 189756.

I really don't know how to approach this problem and I am sure I miss
something obvious.

I tried different combination of HeaderLen encoding with no success

Please shed some light on this as I am puzzled and I do not know what to do.

Thank you,

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