[erlang-questions] Examples of Common Test in apps built with rebar/relx?

Nathan Fiedler nathanfiedler@REDACTED
Mon Oct 27 18:45:10 CET 2014

I'm a beginner, so bear in mind I may be doing all of this incorrectly. I
started with Fred Hebert's How I Start tutorial [1] and went from there. I
have a very simple application that is built and assembled using a
combination of rebar and relx; that much works. I have a single eunit test
that exercises the one operation I have implemented to date. So far, so
good. I would like to instead use Common Test, but I've run into a problem:
noproc error. Apparently something is not getting started when I run ct but
is fine with eunit and when I run the application manually.

Looking around for examples, I found ejabberd, but I'm not certain I
understand how it's wired together, much less tested.

My question to the group is, do you have any favorite (open source)
examples of applications that use Common Test and are assembled with rebar
and relx? I am being specific because it seems to me that the tools have a
big impact on how the code is setup and started.



[1] http://howistart.org/posts/erlang/1
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