[erlang-questions] In Erlang , {1.1*1.1.} show me the answer is 1.2100000000000002, why?

张栋 zd2559@REDACTED
Sun Oct 26 08:24:52 CET 2014

Hello the maillist member:
I am  new in Erlang,Please Help me.

When I try some multiplication, I got the some unexpected answer about the following expression.

Please help!


23> [1.1*1.1,1.1*1.2,1.1*1.3,1.1*1.4,1.1*1.5].

24> [1.2*1.2,1.2*1.3,1.2*1.4,1.2*1.5,1.2*1.6].

Thank you for your time.

Eric D. Zhang In China.

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