[erlang-questions] Query on Chatting Backend Monitoring

Rohan Sarker ceo@REDACTED
Mon Oct 20 11:45:55 CEST 2014

 Dear Manager / Reviewer,

I am having a website at www.rohansarker.com <http://www.rohansarker.com/> . I
want to know if there is any Erlang code by which I can monitor Facebook Backend
chatting records of chatting done by me in Facebook. I am providing the example
code: File messenger.erl in link:


Also can it be done for recording chatting records for Twitter & LinkedIn?

My next query is: From an Internet Search I found that there is no way to create
a Windows Installer (.EXE) in Windows from Erlang Source Code for a customized
application (Say an Switch Erlang Load Calculator). Is it correct? My Machine is
Dell Vostro with Intel Processor (32 Bit OS) with Windows 7.

Please let me know the answers.

Thank you.

Rohan Sarker
CEO & Founder
SwitchGate CrystalShift
www.rohansarker.com <http://www.rohansarker.com/>
http://about.me/rohansarker <http://about.me/rohansarker>
Skype: arati_genius
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