[erlang-questions] How to build web chat in Erlang?

Rainer Hansen rainer.hansen@REDACTED
Wed Oct 8 18:55:54 CEST 2014

Jesse Gumm <gumm@REDACTED> writes:

> Hi Rainer,
> Nitrogen has a pretty simple chat example:
> http://nitrogenproject.com/demos/comet2
> (see the "View Source" link to see the code that makes that page
> work). Changing that page to use multiple chat rooms is about 5-6 more
> lines of code.
> Alternatively, you could look into Chicago Boss (go through the
> tutorial, and the ways of building a chat system with it should become
> rather clear). 
> Anyway, good luck!
> --
> Jesse Gumm
> Owner, Sigma Star Systems
> 414.940.4866 || sigma-star.com || @jessegumm

Hi Jesse,

thanks for the fast answer and the link to the chat demo. It works great
in the desktop browser (Firefox) but on my smartphone browser (also
Firefox) I seem to get trouble with timeouts. My smartphone is not
constantly connected to the Internet and this seems to cause some
trouble. I can still post and others on the same page see the post but
nothing is updated in my mobile browser window. I can also not see the
updates of others after the connection is once interrupted.

Any ideas on how to improve the Nitrogen example to handle this situation?

I will also take a look at the Chicago Boss tutorial ...


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