[erlang-questions] Distributed application and netsplit

Zulfiqer Sekender <>
Thu Nov 20 04:49:39 CET 2014

I am too waiting for this. Could you please let me know in which version of Erlang/OTP, this will be included and approximately when that version can be released?



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> Subject: Re: [erlang-questions] Distributed application and netsplit
> > The problem is, once the net split has been detected, how then to manually shutdown the unwanted application instance(s) in such a way that the distributed application failover continues to work from that point forward.
> >
> > The OP already has application-specific code which is able to detect that a net split / split brain scenario has occurred.
> >
> > Furthermore, the OP is “ok” writing application specific code to attempt to resolve the situation at that point.
> >
> > The question is, what is the “best” way to go about doing that?
> thanks.
> ok so it sounds like more clearly what we want is to know that OTP has
> been designed / will be updated to handle this at the level of it
> "going back to normal" at the OTP level, leaving the actual "sync up"
> part to the individual applications that use OTP.
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