[erlang-questions] Calling for help to improve contents on erlang.org

Matthias Lang <>
Tue Nov 18 23:59:07 CET 2014

David Welton wrote:

> I completely agree with Loïc: open source it so that people can work
> with it and help out.

At the risk of hijacking Bruce's request...one part of erlang.org that
_is_ open sourced is the FAQ.

   Source:   https://github.com/matthiasl/Erlang-FAQ
    Built:   http://www.erlang.org/faq/faq.html

One quick and easy thing anyone can help with is choosing a random
section of the FAQ and checking the links. I know, a linkchecker can
find 404s. But a linkchecker can't easily find pages that return stuff
that's no longer relevant. Nor can it find a suitable replacement link.

Fixing up answers which have aged badly is another thing I'd love help
with. I work with low-level signalling in telecom networks, so I don't
keep up with web frameworks, for instance.

Reading erlang-questions and noticing things that would make good entries
is a bigger job, but there must be people out there who notice things.
I look for subjects that

      - come up 'often', i.e. the "F" in FAQ.
and   - can be expressed as a fairly simple question.
and   - have a straight answer which many people can understand.
and   - have "staying power", i.e. will still be FAQs in three years.

FWIW, I put the FAQ on github in 2009. Since then, six people have
contributed through pull requests, including two I've never met.  A
few more have contributed by email.


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