[erlang-questions] GPL and others licenses

Viktor Söderqvist <>
Tue Nov 18 16:13:26 CET 2014


What are the implications of using GPL for an Erlang application? Say,
I'm considering using GPL 3 in a project for whatever reason.

>From what I've understood EPL is incompatible with GPL. Does that mean
my library application cannot be distibuted together with Erlang/OTP
itself in a release?

Can module loading in the BEAM be considered to be "linking"? If that
is so, an LGPL application can be used and distributed together with
any other Erlang code, right? I remember reading somewhere that in
Java they consider the class loading to be dynamic linking.

EPL is based on MPL 1.0 which is GPL incompatible. Mozilla have since
then updated their license to MPL 2.0 which is GPL compatible. Is
there any chance EPL will be updated and be GPL compatible in the


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