[erlang-questions] load balancing

Roberto Ostinelli <>
Fri Nov 14 00:09:13 CET 2014

Dear list,
I have many servers in a cluster that handle long-lived TCP connections
with multiple clients.

I'd like to collect some opinions on what you'd believe to be the best
options to balance the load on these servers:

 - Implement a protocol that a client has to first ask to which server to
connect to, and then go for it
 - Use SRV records
 - Have all traffic through some proxy like HAProxy (but then, doesn't this
mean that a single box has to handle millions of connections?)

I do realize that this is not necessarily related to Erlang, but as we
often have to deal with backend servers with long-lived TCP connections I
thought there might be the correct experience here.

Hopefully some kind sould will provide me with some suggestions :)

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