[erlang-questions] Request for comments: gut, a template printing, aka scaffolding, tool for Erlang. Like rails generate or yeoman

Federico Carrone <>
Mon Nov 10 17:19:39 CET 2014


I have created a small tool for setting up projects (ranch, cowboy
projects, etc) and scaffolding files (gen_servers, supervisors, cowboy
handlers, gen_fsm, etc) in erlang:

The generators are searched and downloaded from github (like yeoman) so
thtat anybody can create a generator and use it with gut.

Version 1 will be released this week after I got some input and comments
from the community.

Please test it and let me know what you think! Obviously this tool is meant
for erlang newcomers or people like me that like the tools available in the
nodejs, clojure, ruby and python communities.

Federico Carrone.

Present - v0.8: Basic functionality
12 November - v0.9: Better logs
15 November - v1.0: Support many variables in generators. Better
documentation for example on how to create your own generators. Odds and
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