[erlang-questions] performance issue with cowboy

Shayan Pooya <>
Sat Nov 8 22:41:01 CET 2014


I have ported Disco to use cowboy instead of mochiweb. Mochiweb has been
quite stable and we did not have any issues with it recently. However,
cowboy uses the sendfile syscall which avoids a lot of overhead when
serving static files and I thought that could lower the memory footprint of
Disco when serving large files and free up some cycles. Disco+cowboy is now
fully functional and all of the integration tests pass (minus some minor
missing features).

I wanted to get a sense of the performance before making the switch and
used a couple of different Disco jobs (which pressure the web-servers) to
do a comparison and the Disco version with cowboy consistently takes 10 to
20 percent longer to finish. I haven't done much for optimizing the usage
of cowboy yet, but the micro-benchmarks that I find on the web are contrary
to what I am seeing here and I wanted to know if anyone can offer some
guidance for getting better results with cowboy.

I am using cowboy 1.0.1 and the Cowboy patch for Disco is available at
https://github.com/pooya/disco/commit/5499d696438 just in case.

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