[erlang-questions] File operations on slave nodes

Shayan Pooya shayan@REDACTED
Fri May 30 22:03:27 CEST 2014


Is there a good way to perform file operations on a slave node's filesystem
using the "file" module?  At the moment, Disco uses prim_file module for
all such operations which results in some inconvenience and is not
documented.  For example, for changing the permissions of a file on an
slave, we have to use:
prim_file:write_file_info(Path, #file_info{mode = 8#755})
instead of the same function in the file module.

Someone on the irc channel mentioned using the raw option. However, this
option does not cover all of the cases (for example there is no equivalent
for prim_file:make_dir(Name)).

Is there a better way?

I found this thread (
which is asking the same question six years ago but there was no good

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