[erlang-questions] Erlang compilation travails

Wed May 7 20:18:57 CEST 2014


Thanks to generous help from folks on this list, I'm moving back to system stability. But my experience raises several questions:

1) Given the issues that I've run into compiling a simple development environment, all of my inadvertent doing no doubt, what can I expect when I set out to deploy a production stack to multiple remote servers?

2) Are there best practices lurking in the unpublished lore of the Erlang community (or published for that matter) for dealing with the problem of keeping development and production systems service-fit and up-to-date?

3) Would Ansible help?

4) Does it make sense to consider development and deployment under Docker--- presuming it's production ready by the time I'm ready?

5) Is there a better way?

Thanks again to all,


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