[erlang-questions] DTLS Status and examples?

Ingela Andin ingela.andin@REDACTED
Tue May 6 23:33:15 CEST 2014


2014-05-05 20:59 GMT+02:00 Myers Carpenter <myers@REDACTED>:

> Hello,
> I'm attempting to connect the data channel in webrtc to Erlang.  You can
> read about my project here https://github.com/myers/exwebrtc .
> I'm trying to understand where the DTLS code in Erlang is currently and
> where I might be able to pitch in.
DTLS is not yet runnable, as there is not yet a red thread through the
code.  dtls_connection.erl is the most incomplete module. It is the module
that implements
the finite state machine of the DTLS handshake, it correspondes to
tls_connection.erl.  In general tls_* implements TLS specific parts and
dtls_* DTLS specific parts
and ssl_* common parts.

You could always do a test suite for DTLS that corresponds to
ssl_to_openssl_SUITE.erl in the test directory.  Once you have a test suite
it is easier to try to fill in the
gaps in dtls_* .

> I'm attempting to start a DTLS server and then connect to it via "openssl
> s_client"
> Here's the code so far
> -module(dtls_server).
> -export([start/0]).
> start() ->
>     ssl:start(),
>     {ok, _Socket} = dtls:listen(4499, [
>       {mode, binary},
>       {reuseaddr, true},
>       {certfile, "server.cert"},
>       {keyfile, "server.pkey"},
>       {active, true},
>       {ciphers, [{ecdhe_rsa, aes_128_cbc, sha}]}
>     ]).
Looks like something that should work when all pieces are in place.

Regards Ingela Erlang/OTP team - Ericsson AB
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