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Date: 06. Mai 2014 at 19:01:47
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Subject: [erlang-questions] [ANN] OTP 17.0 on erldocs.com

> Hello!  
> Erldocs, an alternative Erlang/OTP documentation and a doc generation tool has been updated!  
> You will find documentation for Erlang/OTP release 17.0 at http://erldocs.com/  
> I have patched erldocs to be able to build the docs for 17.0-rc2 and 17.0  
> and was finally able to generate detailed specs information.
> For instance, here is the gb_sets page…
> before: http://erldocs.com/R16B02/stdlib/gb_sets.html?i=1&search=gb_sets#add/2  
> after: http://erldocs.com/17.0/stdlib/gb_sets.html?i=1&search=gb_sets#add/2
> Still, there is an issue about missing include directories that inhibits my changes for some files:
> The zip page before http://erldocs.com/R16B02/stdlib/zip.html?i=0&search=zip:cr#create/2
> …and after: http://erldocs.com/17.0/stdlib/zip.html?i=0&search=zip:cre#create/2
> (It is an ongoing work)
> As always, you'll find tarballs of the docs for different releases of OTP on erldocs.com(http://erldocs.com).  
> You can also build the docs for your own projects with the same tool hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/fenollp/erldocs
> Thanks to @daleharvey for this easy to maintain tool and to GitHub, hosting erldocs.com(http://erldocs.com) through gh-pages.  
> I also want to thank those that sent patches, suggestions and bug reports.
> Cheers,  
> --  
> Pierre Fenoll
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Thanks Pierre!!

This is a huge help as always.

Dave Cottlehuber
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