[erlang-questions] STM vs Actor Model?

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> Observation 2: you probably *don't* need to know what is the absolute
> best room.  You just need not to pick bad rooms.  So you could have
> M managers each managing N rooms.  When a person arrives, it picks a
> random manager and asks it what room to go to.  If a manager has no
> suitable rooms, it sends a "try another manager" response.  This
> reduces the amount of traffic each manager has to handle by a factor
> of M.  This is very likely *better* than TM would gives you.

Observation 3: if we can hash the picker in some way, we can do even
better. Ask *some* of the managers randomly according to the hash of the
picker. Choose the manager that gives the best answer. If a manager doesn't
answer within a time frame, he is marked as overloaded and ignored. This
provides fault tolerance in addition to the observations by Richard.

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