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Erik Søe Sørensen eriksoe@REDACTED
Mon May 5 21:53:52 CEST 2014

To elaborate and generalize:

Dynamic monitoring has its place at least when one of the following is true:
- one process has resources on behalf of another process, but should not
itself be limited to the other process' s lifespan.
- one process expects an answer (or several messages) from another process,
and thus needs to be notified about that process' s demise.

The first case is typical of server-side and the second of client-side
behaviour in a client-server relationship, but both can of course happen in
other circumstances as well.
Den 05/05/2014 21.34 skrev "Erik Søe Sørensen" <eriksoe@REDACTED>:

> > Right now I cannot come up with a good example where dynamic monitoring
> makes sense,
> > so I would like to hear if others have one.
> I'm a bit surprised that no one else has mentioned this: dynamic
> monitoring takes place as part of a very wide-spread pattern: the
> gen_server call!
> Also, dynamic monitoring has its place in any form of publish-subscribe
> pattern (on the publisher end). And any forms of async calls.
> /Erik
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