[erlang-questions] Erlang, WSDL, SOAP.

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Thu May 1 02:17:58 CEST 2014


My experience has been that the issues surrounding web services are not the 
WSDL but resolving other technologies that it uses: i.e. the resolution of 
namespace mapping and schema analysis.

1) It's pretty obvious that namespaces (aka packages, etc) introduce many 
indirection concerns (consider the earlier experiment in erlang with module 

2) The issue with xml schema seems to be the underlying DTD (heavily 
documented to note exceptions) and what is far worse, the use of 

If there was a fully resolved solution in erlang to both xmlns and xsd, 
then I suspect generic web services would not be at all difficult.

(For another take on the subject, Joe Armstrong's UBF contains a strong 
argument for rethinking XML in general).

My 2c

On Tuesday, April 29, 2014 8:48:14 AM UTC-5, Max Lapshin wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm writing Onvif implementation in Erlang and I experience pain (no, 
> wrong, it is PAIN) with handling all that nice XML, XPath, SOAP, WSDL 
>  stuff with ad-hoc self-written implementations.
> I have a very serious feeling that it is possible to write a generator of 
> boiler plate code that will translate funcall to SOAP XML packet and back.
> I've looked at this: https://github.com/campanja/detergent  and haven't 
> found there authorization and exact routing code.
> Am I the only one who is suffering from this?
> Right now I need working soap client and later soap server.
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