[erlang-questions] debugger: hardcoded source path

Vlad Dumitrescu vladdu55@REDACTED
Wed Mar 26 20:47:05 CET 2014


I got a problem report for the erlide debugger, and I found that the root
cause is in the OTP debugger.

int:find_src/1 looks for the source file for a beam in "ebin/../src", which
is fine in most cases, but not all projects have the recommended structure.
Even for those that do, the test code is not in the src directory, so there
is still a problem when int:i/1 is called from the shell or from code.

There are a couple of other places where "src" and "ebin" directories are

There is an int:i/2 that takes some options as a second argument, but it is
ignored. Sending project folder configuration via those options seems like
a simple way to solve this.

A more general way to solve the problem would be to define some standard
metadata for projects/applications, but I suppose it would take a long time
to agree on the details.

In order to provide a patch, I need some information. Is the options format
for int:i/2 reserved in any way? Can I structure them as I like (i.e. a
proplist with keys like src_dirs, ebin_dir)?

best regards,
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