[erlang-questions] No crash reports to tty with OTP R16B03-1

mayamatakeshi mayamatakeshi@REDACTED
Tue Mar 25 13:49:59 CET 2014

I have spend some time updating an old OTP app that was running with
  Erlang R13B03 and yaws-1.87
  Erlang R16B03-1 and yaws-1.98
The app is working fine, but now starting to code more features and
debugging with the new version, I am not seeing sasl writing crash reports
to tty anymore.

The sasl is writing progress and info reports to tty:
=PROGRESS REPORT==== 25-Mar-2014::21:38:04 ===
          supervisor: {local,kernel_safe_sup}
             started: [{pid,<0.164.0>},

=INFO REPORT==== 25-Mar-2014::21:38:34 ===
Send ping frame
=INFO REPORT==== 25-Mar-2014::21:39:04 ===
Send ping frame
=INFO REPORT==== 25-Mar-2014::21:39:34 ===
Send ping frame

The above are due a WebSocket connection to yaws.

I force a crash doing this in yaws:

out(A) ->
        X = 1,
        Y = 2,
        X = Y,

I know the crash is happening because the HTTP request gets this:

# curl -x ""

<h2>Internal error, yaws code crashed</h2><br /><hr />

ERROR erlang code threw an uncaught exception:
 File: appmod:0
Class: error
Exception: {badmatch,false}
Req: {http_request,'GET',{abs_path,"/dialplan"},{1,1}}
Stack: [{dialplan,out,1,[{file,"src/dialplan.erl"},{line,19}]},
</pre><hr />

But still I don't get crash reports in the tty.

Does anyone know of any change related to this?

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