[erlang-questions] Common test and application version

Maruthavanan Subbarayan maruthavanan_s@REDACTED
Fri Mar 14 12:00:28 CET 2014

I have an Erlang Application and I write all it its test SUITES in directory named test at the project directory,
I have the app.src file in "src" folder which contains the a version attribute "{vsn, "0.1"}", So when ever I run the common test, I would like common test to log in test results with what was the version the test was performed. I could figure out the option "-label" in ct run where I can pass the version but I have to program some code that would take version number and passed it as argument and I also doubt whether rebar would support this label?
I am curious on how community handles this kind of situation or is there something which is simple that I am missing out?
Thanks in advance,Marutha 		 	   		  
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