[erlang-questions] No JSON/MAPS interoperability in 17.0?

Carsten Bormann cabo@REDACTED
Thu Mar 13 23:00:21 CET 2014

>> The example you cite is using JSON’s syntax, but not compatible with JSON’s data model.
> ECMA 404 doesn't *HAVE* a data model.

(It does, it just tries to act as if it didn’t.)

Tim Bray has a pretty good account on how that accident happened:


Don’t waste any time with ECMA-404.

If you want to do useful work with JSON, RFC 7159 it is.

(Leafing through EEP-18, this strikes me as rather competent*) — why did it get stuck?)

Grüße, Carsten

*) Except maybe for the odd JSON extension proposal; just say no.

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