[erlang-questions] Videos from Erlang Factory SF Bay 2014 up on ErlangCentral.org

Motiejus Jakštys desired.mta@REDACTED
Sat Mar 8 07:13:51 CET 2014

On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 11:54 AM, Andra Dinu
<andra.dinu@REDACTED> wrote:
> Happy to announce that videos from two tracks of the Erlang Factory Conference are up on ErlangCentral.org (and two more tracks will be uploaded at the end of the conference)
> NEXT GENERATION DATABASES & ANALYTICS https://erlangcentral.org/streaming/next-generation-databases-analytics/
> SCALABILITY & MULTICORE https://erlangcentral.org/streaming/scalability-multicore/
> Also check out the chat function enabled by @Kato

Hi, Andra,

thanks for uploading the videos that quickly. That is a really wonderful job.

One question though regarding accessing the videos. I understand the
need to have as many registered users as possible, but is it really so
necessary to put a registration wall for videos? I understand it is
necessary to make life harder for spammers if I want to post a comment
(I can write junk to chat without logging in, so there must be another
reason). But for anonymous video watching? That is out of my

I visited the website to have a quick look at what's available.
Requires registration. Ok. Email confirmation. OK. Fifteen minutes,
yet no email received. Cannot see the videos because it requires
registration which requires an email validation and the email
validation service does send me the bloody email.

Today morning in the keynote Dave Thomas stressed that it is paramount
to reduce entry curve for new Erlang users. Is this the message we
want to send for one? See some interesting free stuff about Erlang,
registration is required, which does not actually work, please come
back later?

Because of the reasons above I would suggest and appreciate
registration requirement waived for read-only activities on

Kind regards,
Motiejus Jakštys

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