[erlang-questions] erlang.mk neotoma

Loïc Hoguin essen@REDACTED
Fri Mar 7 19:52:18 CET 2014

Not yet.

The solution retained for this will be to detect if c_src/Makefile 
exists, and if it does, create a env.mk file (once) containing the paths 
and then run make on the c_src Makefile, which may include this env.mk file.

I'm still testing that solution but it should be there sometimes this month.

On 03/07/2014 07:48 PM, Max Lapshin wrote:
> I couldn't find in docs: can erlang.mk <http://erlang.mk> compile ports
> or nifs?  Problem is that it is required to add erl_interface/include to
> includes.

Loïc Hoguin

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