[erlang-questions] Why the name Erlang/OTP is good

Peer Stritzinger peerst@REDACTED
Thu Mar 6 17:35:11 CET 2014

Late to the party and by all means don't want to restart the 
discussion, just a short dialog with one of my customers using Erlang:

Me: ... its called Erlang/OTP, namead after a danish mathematician

Customer: What does OTP stand for?

Me: It stands for Open Telecom Platform, Erlang was initially used for 
programming phone switches by Ericsson.  They build a ATM switch that 
has nine nines availabaility with it (five nines is normal) thats about 
30 milliseconds per year!

Me:  The features they built into it to achieve this will enable us to 
build very high available and robust systems too, btw the 30 
milliseconds is including updates!

Customer: How's this possible??

Me: Erlang hast lowlevel onstructs leveraged by OTP to .... bla bla bla


If you can't sell Erlang to a customer/boss because it has OTP in it, 
its either hopeless or you can't sell anything.  I like the name OTP 
because it gives me a nice historical intro to explain why Erlang/OTP 
is great.

Just saying.

-- Peer

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