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Wed Mar 5 10:04:53 CET 2014

hmm, we use "top" in linux....
It's that trustable?
And etop show that not a process has take a lot of reds (etop_txt is top 3).....

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I wonder how you measured CPU load ?

If your processes have short message queues, then that is good news at least.  I would suggest looking at your etop output to see where most reductions are spent.
 Then if that does not help, fprof will get you very detailed information.

 Good luck

On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 1:51 PM, 饕餮 <249505968@REDACTED> wrote:
 Our Project just get in some trouble....
The CPU Load seems too high (10 for 8 core CPU).
we use etop and find out that no any process has more than 1 message.
 Now I don't know how to investigate next.
Could some one give me some advice?

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