[erlang-questions] Intel Xeon Phi

Florian Schintke schintke@REDACTED
Thu Jun 19 17:05:12 CEST 2014


an Erlang VM runs per SMP unit. As the Xeon Phi has its own Linux
running it builds its own SMP unit. You can start an Erlang VM on it
and on your host machine and have two Erlang VMs that can communicate
via distributed Erlang. Then you can easily have a process running in
the Erlang VM running on the Xeon Phi that spawns processes, if you
want, but there is no automatic mechanism which decides whether to
spawn processes on the Xeon Phi or the host machine. They are
different Erlang VMs like two computers connected with a network.


[semmit mondo]
>  Hi List, Is the Erlang runtime capable of spawning processes on a Xeon Phicoprocessor?  Or is this piece of hardware too rare for Erlang to beable to take advatage of it? U.  

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