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Hi all, Joe,

I think the understanding of how node became so popular, is because the one who invented node, he had one goal in mind, to take the advantage of the already well formed and big javascript community, javascript became so popular it had its reasons, but it was just a client-side technology!, so what about a server side technology that complements that already fully operational client-side tec? Using the same community? noting to create, noting to grow, only putting in the eyes of the fools another foolish. That's what nodejs is.

Now imagine the turn of programming technics if all browser companies could include interpretation for Erlang natively? And you could communicate two Erlang's nodes one in the client (browser) another in the server as the same way as Erlang always do, Even so without having that big community, I'm sure the entire web community will be forced to see that new tec that is in all browsers and have the same counterpart in the server



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Raoul Duke wrote:
>> Let's not forget what node.js is, and it's intent:  It's an 
>> implementation of server-side javascript, pure and simple.
> hrm, i do not believe that statement is correct. something like Rhino 
> would more fit that statement, i think. or even just V8. node = V8 + 
> more stuff, so i think that sorta disproves what you wrote?
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Not quite.  V8 is a javascript engine, as is Rhino, as is SpiderMonkey, as is WebKit, etc.  In particular, V8 is the javascript engine for the Chrome browser.  node wraps glue around it to create a server-side environment.

A couple of references from http://nodejs.org/about/ - both 'intro to node.js' type slide decks from Ryan Dahl - who is kind of the ultimate authority, in that he's the author of node:

Slide 2 (right after the cover) of http://nodejs.org/jsconf2010.pdf starts with this statement: "node.js: Evented Server-side Javascript"

A slightly earlier version
(http://s3.amazonaws.com/four.livejournal/20091117/jsconf.pdf) says this (again, slide 2):

in brief:
Server-side Javascript
Built on Google’s V8
Evented, non-blocking I/O. Similar to
EventMachine or Twisted.
CommonJS module system.
8000 lines of C/C++, 2000 lines of
Javascript, 14 contributors.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
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